Trim your streaming account bills: Gift card hack

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself frugal because I’m not consistent with it, though I do like to make good investments and find a solid deal when I can. Something you set and forget (your Hulu, Netflix, and Spotify subscriptions) could be trimmed a bit. However, it will take a little effort that I think is more than worth it. I’m talking about 10 minutes of work a year, if even.

Let’s say you’re already on the cheapest plan for Netflix: $8.99/mo. That’s $107.88/yr, which is amazing considering that could easily be a monthly cable bill. However, you want to crunch even more. If I find a gift card code online that’s $25.99 for $30, I’m at a 13.37% savings, which is still better than the standard 10% off code you may be lucky enough to find online. There are even some that are available for larger amounts and deeper savings. We’re in this for the long haul because $4.01 may not seem impressive on its own, but add those up over the course of a year and now we’re starting to talk.

Some of the trusted places to look for these gift cards are and Many are sent over the internet so you don’t have to wait for snail mail.

Will these be the most amazing deals of your life? No, especially because these services are so popular. Though you could easily buy enough to cover you for the year, enter the codes into your respective accounts, and go on about your life.

Some tips and things to think about to get started:

  1. Set calendar reminders for yourself so you know when you need to buy more

  2. Avoid auctions; use buy it now to get the best fixed deal

  3. Read the reviews of the sellers to make sure you’re buying from reputable sources

  4. Understand that you won’t always find the same % of savings

  5. Look for your favorite stores like Starbucks where you know you’ll stop regularly, this doesn’t need to apply strictly to subscription accounts

  6. Keep a spreadsheet to track your savings over the course of the year

  7. DON’T use your CC’s if you don’t have the money to pay for it outright, because the interest will void any savings if you’re not paying them off in full each month

Again, think of it this way: right now you’re paying 100% and that’s more than you need to be.

Maybe those extra dollars you save will help you get closer to your tiny house dreams?

Maybe those extra dollars you save will help you get closer to your tiny house dreams?

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