Recycled Cotton Poufs: Save your Money and the Environment


There are a few things I’ve done in my life to make sure I’m being kind of the environment. I’m not perfect at it by any means, though I try to make small changes over time. One of the best things I’ve done that’s stuck in my routine is NOT spending a small fortune on these:


Yep. Those. As much as I love shopping at Target (and make it a personal goal to never spend more than $60 a visit if I can help it), these cotton rounds are so wasteful. Every morning, one went in the trash so that I could apply facial toner. These aren’t incredibly expensive when you look at them in the photo above, though the cost over the course of a year and the impact on our landfills adds up very quickly. Curiosity got the best of me and I went down a rabbit hole on Pinterest and Etsy until I found these:

What’s great is that you can make these yourself if you’re good at sewing and have an old kitchen towel that can be recycled into cotton poufs, as the Etsy seller JuniperseedMerc* calls them. I bought these back in December of 2015 and they’re still going strong! Every other week or so, I throw them into the mesh bag and wash them with regular clothing.

So, that’s it. If you have any old kitchen towels lying around that you’d like to recycle into something else, this is a solid contender.

* This is not sponsored, nor does the shop owner know I’m writing about the cotton poufs. Simply a happy customer who wants to help others make a small change in their habits.