Networking: My Business Card Practice

One of the things I've learned is that networking is so, so important. Nearly every job or opportunity I've ever had has been because I’ve known someone. However, I meet new people all of the time and it can be a challenge matching names to faces. Part of what helps is remembering the context of how we met.

Since I appreciate when people can place and remember me, I want to offer the same. What has helped the most is using business cards to not only stand out, yet also place someone else. Every person I meet, I try to grab their business card. When I get home that night, I write out everything I remember about them and how we met. It's as simple as jotting it on the back of the card. Then, depending on the situation, I reach out to them via email to follow up with however we connected. If I've learned anything about life, it's easy for my to-do list to pile up. It's simple enough and takes all of 5 minutes, if even. The best part is, all of that information will then also be searchable in my own email so I can refer to it later.

It really helps if the backside is empty and on a material that is writable with pen

It really helps if the backside is empty and on a material that is writable with pen

This isn't to say that I shouldn't genuinely try to remember all of the details, yet it certainly helps. Each interaction helps me remember and now we’ve interacted a few times, with a digital footprint!

And as far as being memorable myself? Cards that stand out! I pay extra for personal business cards that are unique and it ends up being a conversation starter. That said, never turn down an opportunity to be directly put into someone's cell phone. If they hand me their phone, I make sure to include a note of where I work or how we met, my cell, and email address.